As we set out to develop the OE Commander IoT platform, we knew we needed partners who understood the vision and potential of IoT. That’s why OE partnered with tech leaders Intel and Dell. As a member of Intel and Dell’s IoT Alliances and with a representative on Intel’s North American Board of Advisors, these relationships help shape the features of OE Commander and the breadth and depth of its benefits and use cases.


Whether you're a system technician or a tenant, you can have visibility and control of your individualized dashboard, ensuring that you only see the data that matters to you. Plus the responsive design gives you Internet access to your dashboard on all your devices seamlessly.


If you're connected to BACnet, Modbus, or SNMP devices that you want to control, you can manually control them or set them on a custom time-based schedule. Want your lights off at 8:00 p.m., along with an outside irrigation valve closed and your heating setpoint dropped to 65 degrees... no problem!


Interested in how much energy you're saving or what led to an alarm being triggered? With Trends, get visibility into individual devices, or multiple devices, with just a few clicks. Plus, you can save the trend graphics to view later or add them to your Dashboard!


Setup system alarms based on your own thresholds, then send them to only the people of your choosing. Have a maintenance crew dedicated to tenant requests? If an A/C unit doesn't respond to the temperature needs, they can know via email and text before the tenant even gets home!

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